We Golf. Kids Eat. Makes Sense. Call.

here was so much going on in the Creation Story – so much to create, so few days – it could be confusing. I somehow grew up with the impression God created cereal in 18 ounce packages you can buy for about $3.

            “And on the third day we will make corn flakes, and it will be called Kellog’s.”

            Not so, it turns out. You can actually buy cereal for pennies an ounce if you purchase it in 350 pound kegs. No one in her right mind would buy cereal in such bulk unless her name was Elizabeth Potter and she was responsible for serving more than 15,000 cereal helpings a school year to hungry Ruidoso kids.

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Who Needs Fuzzy Wuzzy Kumbayah?

        People often ask me, does your blog actually stand for anything? You might be wondering, just how many people have ever asked you that?

          And I would answer, well, none, but if anyone did ask I would firmly proclaim my editorial passion, the total extinction of fuzzy wuzzy kumbayah.

          The spreading malice of fuzzy wuzzy kumbayah had sadly escaped my notice until I read a letter to editor a few months ago. The writer cautioned his Republican leaders not to engage in across-the-aisle fuzzy wuzzy kumbayah.

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Dancing With The Hottie Stars

Can you imagine what would have happened to Sound of Music had Dancing With the Stars producers got there first? Think Julie Andrews, clad in panties, a boob -bouncing prance down that lush, green hill in Austria.

            “These are a few of my favorite things ladedah, ladedah, ladedah.”

            Our culture gets the rare chance to enjoy outstanding quality television the entire family can watch together and what happens? TV screws it up. Look, I know we will never return to the days of Lassie. Happy Days is a dim memory. Poor Fonzie is peddling reverse mortgages. H e e y… y o o h.

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O Fair, Spacey New Mexico

 Jeff Bezos is too close. He owns a ranch between Guadalupe Peak and Van Horn, Texas. That’s scary. He’s scary.

          Jeff Bezos is crazy smart. You seldom hear in advance about the stuff he does. He just does it. Past tense.

          He buys everything in his path for reasons only he can understand. One morning he left his house in Seattle to buy a copy of the Seattle Times and came home instead with the Washington Post. Not the paper. The whole company.

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Equal Pay Blah, Blah, Blah

 Are you, too, getting sick and tired of women harping about pay inequity?

          Women supposedly are paid 78 cents for every $1 a man makes, no matter what the job category.

          Makes no difference in which state they work, whether they have children, what age. So goes the litany. Blah, blah, blah.

          Not to be anti-feminist, but may I point out a simple fact?  On Sunday,  April 26, a woman won a golf tournament in Daly City, California. 

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Dying to Know the Truth

Congressman Steve Pearce is proud of his vote to approve the Death Repeal Act of 2015. The measure passed the House and faces almost certain defeat in the Senate.

          Congressman Pearce votes the ultra-conservative line and it works for him. He is a big hit with most of his Second Congressional District constituents. The fact many on the other side of the aisle vigorously dispute his politics is of little concern. He da man.

          One gets almost an icky gut reaction when thinking of the Estate Tax. It surely doesn’t seem the American way. You start a business or run a farm, you work 16 hours a day building your enterprise, you employ lots of people, contribute to the community, and then you die. And, boom, the government steps in and swoops up almost half of your hard-won assets.

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Buying a Car? Oh, Wow!

Linda Beaver is not going to wow us. Linda Beaver had no intentions of ever wowing us. I’m heartsick.

          Just come to her Toyota dealership in Santa Fe, Linda promised, and she would wow the heck out of us. 

          Unless you spend every evening sitting on your back porch watching the climate change and taking notes, you know Linda Beaver. Her incessant commercials featured the buoyant blonde bouncing across the TV screen, her hairdo undergoing a variety of permutations over the years. I personally favored the “just got out of the shower” look.

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Look Ma, I'm Blogging!

     My friend Barney from New Jersey was eager to tell me about his son’s recent stay in New Mexico. He said it was a year-long “sabbatical.”  I was expecting at least some upbeat feedback, the Balloon Festival, our magnificent sunsets, world-famous Red or Green Chile.


          “I knew New Mexico is a backwards state, but the way you trample on the underdog is just plain baffling.”

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We Lost a Bank Last Week - Big Whoopee?

Our small town lost a bank last week. I know, big whoopee. Your town might have lost one as well.

 Or the office supply store that had been there for 70 years finally surrendered to Amazon.

 Or your favorite lunch gathering spot, operated for generations by a family who finally shut the doors because the grandkids moved on to the big city and the quest for bigger bucks.

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